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Skyview India

We are SKYVIEW INDIA, one of the premier institute in India that provide comprehensive training in different domain of the aviation industry to students who wants to make a career in aviation.

our career-oriented courses are devised in such a manner that students can maximize their learning and excel in the field of Aviation, hospitality, and customer service domains at leading positions.

About Us

We are strive for Excellence.

With the right direction and guidance, dreams can come true. Join Skyview India today to give winges to your dreams.







Our Courses

Exclusive Certified courses that are designed to develop your job-related skills and knowledge which would help you perform a variety of functions required in the aviation industry.

Certifiate in ground ServiCes

With the increase in the number of airports across the country, there is high demand for trained ground staff. Our job oriented Certificate program in ground services..

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Certifiate in retail & hospitality

Certificate program in aviation retail & Hospitality helps students understand the dynamics of airports and aviation. Now a days airlines and Airport authorities are hiring only..

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Why Skyview India

With serving the industry from more than a decade Skyview India surely a name you can bank upon for your career in Aviation Industry.

Job-orientated programs

Our Training Programs are designed by veterans who had worked in various domains of the aviation industry for many years.

Tie Ups

Our Promoters with decade-old experience are well-connected with the industry and always try to help Skyview India students in getting placed in the aviation industry.

Ticekting & Resevation

This Certificate Program by Skyview India is in Airline Reservations, Fares and Ticketing provide you with the underpinning knowledge of ticketing principles an..

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Certifiate in utility hand

With the increase in the number of airports across the country, there is high demand for trained ground staff. Our job oriented Certificate program in utility hand

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Certifiate in Cargo Servie

Cargo operations is a complex and diverse management system that requires skills and in depth knowledge of cargo industry. Our cargo Certificate Program provide..

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Record 76% growth in aviation traffic.

Mangaluru International Airport records 76% growth in passenger traffic. Out of the 17.94 lakh passengers handled in FY 22-23

Highest Rating to india on air safety

A continuation of the highest standard will be a relief for Tata group which intends to increase Air India flights on the India-US routes.

Domestic aviation industry on recovery path

domestic air passenger traffic has increased by almost 60% YoY, logging in at around 13.60 crore in FY23, according to ICRA.

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